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 RtI stands for “Response to Intervention”.  It is a framework for providing support to students that aims to implement research-based instructional practices.  This prevention-oriented approach links assessments and instruction that can inform educators’ decisions about how best to teach their students.   



The purpose of RtI is to provide all students with the best opportunities to succeed in school and maximize student achievement. It also is used to identify negative learning outcomes in order to ensure that they receive appropriate instruction and related supports.

The goal of RtI is to integrate all resources to minimize risk for the long-term, negative consequences associated with poor learning or behavioral outcomes. 

At Bethlehem, we strive to support all student learning and growth.  When a student is having difficulty, academic support is a helpful resource for our families.





Teacher & Student


Using a valid, reliable screening tool is the first step in determining which students are at risk of poor learning outcomes. Bethlehem utilizes Colorado Department of Education approved assessment by Renassaince Learning called STAR Reading and STAR Math assessment.


Screening each student allows teachers to get a full view of each student's learning progress and identify those who may be at risk or need extra support.


As the year progresses and teachers work with students on learning targets and standards, the same computer-adaptive assessments are given three times throughout the year.  Progress monitoring each student's growth and specific instructional needs allows the school staff to “catch” students who may not have been at risk in a previous screening and monitor those students previously identified. In addition, regular data collection allows staff to critically gauge the effectiveness of their instruction and classroom interventions.


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